Harry Potter Tea Towel Bag – How To. 

I received a set of Harry Potter tea towels as a gift and my little brain starting whirling… there was no way that I could even contemplate using those bad boys to wipe dishes and so I hatched a plan and turned these: 

Into this: 

Now I shared this on a couple of the craft sites I’m a part of on Facebook and a few people asked me for a tutorial on how to make these. I have NEVER done a tutorial before but I thought why not and so here it goes. 

You will need: 


  • 1 Harry Potter Tea Towel (or any other fabric of your choice for the outside of the bag) 
  • Lining fabric – the size of this will depend on how big you want your bag. I brought half a meter of black fabric and also used this for the shoulder strap. 
  • Zip – again dependant on size required although I used a 12 inch zip. 
  • Heavy weight interfacing. 
  • Cotton to match – I used black. 
  • Lobster Swivel Clasps (I used 3) 


  • Sewing machine 
  • Fabric scissors 
  • Ruler 
  • Pins 

To start: 

Cut your bag pieces. You will need 2 of the outer fabric, 2 of the lining and 2 of the interfacing. I cut mine 12 inches wide (the same length as my zip) by 10 inches tall. To give the shape to the bottom I cut out a 1 inch square out of the bottom corners of each fabric piece. 

You should be left with 6 pieces like this (excuse the awful drawing). 

If you wanted to make your bag straight without the shape to the bottom them you still cut out the fabric pieces in the size you want but you miss out the squares in the bottom corners. 

You will also need to cut 2 small pieces around 2 inches by an inch out of your outer material which are for your straps and I cut out a piece out of the outer fabric around 50cm x 1 inch for the hand strap. 

The across body / shoulder strap should be cut to your desired length and about 1 inch wide.

First you will need to sew your zip to your fabrics. To do this place your interfacing under your lining fabric (with the wrong side of the lining fabric facing the interfacing and then place the zip on top. ​​

You the need to place your outside fabric on top of the zip with the right side of the fabric facing the zip and pin along the edge and sew. 

Repeat this for the other side of the zip. 

Once you have sewn all of your fabric to your zips you should sew your small pieces of outer fabric that are for your straps. You should fold the 2 outside edges so that they meet in the middle and then fold the fabric in half so that the two raw edges are inside. You should then sew along the open edge to create the tabs for your straps – these will look like this when it’s finished: 

Your across body strap and wrist strap should be sewn in the same way as these and can be done at this stage. 

Now to sew your bag together you should open your zip and the place your pieces together with right sides together and pin. While pinning you should put your two tab pieces between the two outer pieces in a loop and pin. When pinned it should look like this: 

You should sew along the edges as shown in the image above by the arrows leaving a 3 inch gap at the bottom of the lining fabric for turning. If you have not left the squares at the bottom you can sew all of the sides together just leaving the gap.

Once you have done this you will need to sew your bottom corners. You should do this on both the lining/interfacing and the outside fabric. You do this by pulling the side and bottom seam together so that the seams match and then sewing closed – for extra reinforcement you can sew along this line twice. 

I’ve stolen an image from google images that sort of shows this: 

One you have done this you can turn the bag and sew the gap closed. 

All that is left to do now is to sew your lobster clasp to your straps. You do this by putting the end of your strap through the hole on your lobster clasp and sewing the two pieces together. I used a zigzag stitch and made sure that this went over the raw edge to prevent fraying. I also went over this a couple of times for reinforcement. 

Your bag should now be finished 🙂 

I’m not used to writing tutorials like this so if anything doesn’t make sense please ask 🙂 


Summer, bumblebees and flowers 

Well I’m sure you all love summer, I know I do! In an ideal world it’s full of sunshine; a time to wear sunglasses and sandals, to get your toes out and to eat an excessive amount of icecreams. 

In UK real life however it can mean humidity, stormy days and terrible hair. 

I LOVE to make the most of the days that are like the first example. And I eat ice lollies regardless of the weather – I mean it’s still warm, right? And what I do love about any summer day is the colour. Summer is a time for bright, beautiful colours. The grass seems greener, there are beautiful flowers in every single colour imaginable popping up all over the place, the sky is bluer and the sun is an even brighter yellow and all of the bumble bees are out in force. 

This summer I acquired a macro lens for my iPhone camera and I am in love. The close up photos I have been able to get have me in awe; especially the photos of beautiful bees. 

Here are some of the photos I have taken over the past few weeks with the lens… let me know what you think – of the photos and of summer. 

I heart my Dr Marten’s 

I got my first pair of Dr Marten’s for my 15th Birthday. I was going through a bit of an alternative phase and was despatate for some black boots to wear with my stripy tights and tartan mini skirts. Luckily my Mum and Dad gave in and got me a pair and I’m pleased to say they are still going strong almost 15 years later. 

Here is a picture of my original babies… 

I still love to pop these on with some black tights and a little dress and they are so comfy still. 

I’m sad to say it took me 13 years to get another pair and once again these for courtesy of Mum and Dad, only this time they were a Christmas present. I went for the black Polley t-bar shoes and I have worn these over, and over again and I think it was these that re-ignited a true love of DM’s that a teenager can’t possibly fund. I love to wear these with skinny jeans or with a dress in summer and winter. I love that they have an almost school shoe look to them (and oh how I would have loved shoes like this when I was at school). 

Since then my collection has grown. As a teenager I was despatate for a pair of Mary Janes however I never actually got a pair. Last summer while shopping in Cardiff we noticed that there was a DM sale on and I managed to get myself these bad boys… 

And for my birthday last year I got these… 

This was a decision that I made following years of buying cheap boots that only lasted around a month. I saw these in the shop and decided I would quite like a pair for my birthday to wear during autumn and winter. Best decision EVER! They not only lasted me a whole Autumn and winter but they also have a lot of wear left in them. Despite the way they look they are surprisingly light and soooo comfortable – I even wore them whilst walking around Rome and found them to be more comfortable than my trainers. I love these and would buy more pairs. 

For Christmas last year my hubby got me these…

I love these. Whenever I wear them I get compliments and I CANNOT stop staring at my feet when I wear them! I’m sure Ed is fed up of my gushing compliments of these shoes whenever I wear them. These are perfect with tights and dresses or with jeans. I especially love to team them with stripes! Who doesn’t love floral shoes? 

This brings me to my final pair… I got these yesterday after months of eyeing them up… I’m sure I popped into the store at least 20 times to stare at them and stroke them and added them to my online basket more than once! Reduced to £65 (from £95) I had an absolute bargain and I can’t wait to break these bad boys in and start wearing them! 

These are the bubblegum pink Polley t-bars from the pastel range and I am in LOVE. 

I’m pretty sure these will become a staple in my summer wardrobe and I’m already planning outfits to wear with them… I may even wear them to work tomorrow! 

My advice to you about Dr Marten’s

Although they look beautiful they WILL rub! Always arm yourself with plasters, spare socks etc. Once you have broken them in they will fit like a dream and be the comfiest shoes you have ever owned. Persevere… it makes me sad when people give up after one wear! 

If you are passing a shop pop in to have a look what they have in store… You may just find yourself leaving with something lovely! 

Summer Holiday Wardrobe 

I have just come back from a week in sunny Turkey.

We stayed at a beatiful hotel in the resort of Side. The weather was beautiful, albeit very hot both during the day and in the evenings, and so I thought I would share my evening looks for the week. 

Look one:

For our first night I decided to wear something that covered my very white legs. I absolutely loved this outfit, it was both comfy and cool for the hot weather. The skirt and top were both from Primark and were a steal at £8 and £3 each and they are both a size 20. The necklace is from last years Accessorize sale, the belt is from Primark and was around £2 and I wore this with my blue sandals from M&S (although the skirt covered these). 

Look two: 

This dress is one of my favourites at the moment. This dress is from House of Holland by Henry Holland at Debenhams and is a lovely quirky bee print. I love the elbow length sleeves and the cut out at the neck. This was around £27 but it is well worth it as the material is very good quality and the overall effect is quite flattering. I got this in a size 18 and it fits perfectly. I teamed this with my silver shoes from Clarks – these are my new shoes for this summer and they are my absolute favourites, I got these in the sale for £30 and are going to be a staple in my summer wardrobe this year. 

Look three: 

On day three we went into Antique Side and unfortunate my legs were used as a buffet for insects hence this outfit. These are Capri style jeans from Dorothy Perkins and I really love them, they are both comfy and flattering and have been worn a lot since I got them around a month ago. These are a size 20 and they cost £20. I am wearing these with a top that I got from eBay which is from the H&M plus size range in a size 22. I picked this up for £7 posted and it was new with tags (the price on the tag was £19.99). Again I wore this with my Clarks shoes and my necklace from Accessorizes. When I go abroad I tend to only take a limited amount of jewellery and shoes to fit all of my outfits. 

Look four: 

This dress is from Dorothy Perkins and is a size 20. This was £20 and did come with a tie waist belt however I decided to pop on my brown belt with this on this occasion. I love the thick straps and vintage floral print on this dress and think it is quite flattering. My necklace is from Primark and was £2 and my shoes are M&S from last summer and were £7. 

Look five: 

This outfit has been one of my favourites this year – especially the skirt which has had a lot of wear. The top is from TU at Sainsburys and is a size 22 however I got this second hand from Depop. The skirt was in the sale on New Look and is a size 22, this was reduced to £7 and I love it. It can be both dressed up and down – I love this with black tights and ankle boots. Shoes, necklace and belt as before. 

Look 6: 

This outfit is once again from Primark. Both the top and dress were from Primark this spring and they were £8 and £3. This is another outfit that I love to team with tights and Dr Marten’s and it is good for spring, summer and will also be good for Autumn. These are both in a size 20. Shoes are as before from Clarks. 

And there you have it… 6 plus size summer evening looks.

I hope these can give you some inspiration for you holiday wardrobes. I will certainly be wearing all of these again 🙂 

Shopping Spree – plus size clothing

Sorry for the long delay since my last post. 

As you will know I have had a major declutter and I have sold LOTS of my old clothes – ones that I would never wear again, that doesn’t fit anymore etc. It has actually felt pretty good getting rid of lots of things and this has obviously left lots of space in my wardrobe for new clothes that do fit and also a little bit of money to buy some new clothes. 

Yesterday I went on a shopping trip with two of my friends. We shopped till we dropped and had a rather successful shopping trip so I thought I would share some of my purchases with you. 

Our first stop was the Matalan clearance store in Newport.

I have been looking for some new tops to wear with my skinny jeans – both casual and evening wear.

Firstly I got this blue and white stripy t-shirt. This was reduced to £4 and is lovely and lightweight and will be perfect for summer days and also for Autumn teamed with a chunky cardigan and scarf. This is a size 22 from the Rogers and Rogers section. 

Secondly was this lovely red top. This again will be great for the day time and will be perfect teamed with skinny jeans but this would also be lovely for evenings teamed with heels and some lovely jewellery. This was reduced to £7 and was a steal at this price. This is also a size 22 from the Rogers and Rogers section. 

I also got this top from Matalan. This again could be dressed down for day time or dressed up for an evening out with heels and jewellery. This has a lovely dainty heart print and was reduced to £10. This was also a size 22 from the Rogers and Rogers section.

This is the last top I got from Matalan. This is a slightly thicker material with 3/4 length sleeves and would be better suited for a cooler day or evening or Autumn. This is a size 20 Papaya item. I love stripy items and this is the perfect fit. This was reduced to £8. 

Also from Matalan I got this dress that was reduced to a bargain £2. This was in a size 20 and is the Palmer Heritage range. This will be perfect for work and I couldn’t really leave it behind for that price. It is a skater style and fits lovely. 

Finally from Matalan I got this spotty skirt. Again this will be lovely for work. It sits just below the knee when worn as a high waisted skirt and should look lovely teamed with whites or reds. This was reduced to £4 and is from the Soon range. I love a high waisted skirt and it is nice to have one that is a good length to be able to wear without leggings or tights. 

I don’t really like to go anywhere without a cardigan and I love the colour yellow. I have a yellow 3/4 length sleeve cardigan that has been worn so much that it is falling apart. I’ve been looking for a replacement for a while and was so happy to finally find one in Peacocks. This was £12 full price and is a size 18. These are perfect for summer and I love the bright yellow colour. 

Also while in Peacocoks I picked up 2 pairs of shoes. The first are a light blue (myself and my sister call it Cinderella blue). These are a peep toe and sling backed and are a lovely summer shoe. These are a size 8 and were £8 full  priced. 

I also got these blue sandals. These have a block heel and an ankle strap and are the type of shoe I have been searching for. I was so excited when I spotted these… They were the last pair, were a size 8 and were reduced to £5. This purchase really made my day. 

We then moved onto Dorothy Perkins where I got a lovely summer dress. This was £20 full price but with my 10% NHS discount came to £18. It has lovely thick straps, comes to just above the knee and is a lovely fit. It has a lovely floral pattern that reminds me of the 70’s. I got this in a size 20.

My finally purchases for the day were from Primark. I got myself a new pair of summer PJ’s. These were £5 for the pair and are perfect for summer. 

And last but not least I got a little mermaid t-shirt. This is supposed to be a pyjama top but I think it may be making an appearance as a t-shirt. Anyone that knows me will know how much I love the Little Mermaid and so will know my excitement at this getting this. This is a size XL which is an 18-20 and cost me £6.

I’m also going to sneak another little purchase on here… Friday lunchtime I got a dress from Debenhams that I am in love with. It is from the House of Holland collection and was £28 with 20% off. This has a lovely bee print with a cutout on the chest. I absolutely love this and I have already planned its first outing. This is a size 18 and fits fine – it does have a little bit of stretch to it – and it will go perfect with my new yellow cardigan. 

If you would like to see any of these on then please give me a shout. 

I do still have some clothing available for sale over on my Depop shop so I may be able to have another shopping spree soon. 

Let me know what you think of my new clothes 😃

clothing clear out.. 

Well today has been a productive one… I have cleared out my wardrobe. I have been doing this periodically over the past couple of month. Finally getting rid of clothes that haven’t fitted for ages that I have been keeping for “just in case”. 

Rather than throw these clothes away I have decided to give Depop a try. This is an app which is used to sell things that you no longer want and my user name on there is Sophiaamay. 

The idea is to get rid of all the stuff that I can’t wear and to use some of the money that I make selling my unwanted clothing to buy someone else’s and therefore refreshing my wardbrobe. 

Anything that doesn’t sell I will donate to charity. 

Just a few pictures of some of the things I’m selling… 

 Some of these were once my favourites and I hope they go on to be someone else’s. 

I have to say that sorting out has actually made me feel quite good. I just hope these lovelies find a nice new home. 


Well… as promised I am giving you an update on my first attempt at quilting. 

Firstly I decided to make a small car seat sized quilt – my idea was start small to see if I can do it and the answer was I can! Yay for me! I made the first one using dinosaur print fabrics which I brought as a fat quarter set from Hobbycraft. This was the ideal starter as I got a mix of 6 fabrics for £7; perfect for a play about. I backed it in a navy fleece so it will be warm and cosy for little ones on journeys. 

Here is said little dinosaur quilt:  

I am now working on another quilt; this one is for a gift. For this one I brought 4 metres of different cotton fabrics from my local haberdashery. This is more of a space theme and I am in love with some of these fabrics. Quilt numero two will be slightly bigger; more cot sized, but will once again be backed with a fleece for warmth. I think for this I will go for a grey fleece but comments are welcome (I intend on buying this tomorrow). 

Here is a sneaky peak of my space themed quilt:   

I am loving making these and am hoping to make lots more. I may even try making a “memory” quilt out of old clothing.

Watch this space…