Bank Holiday Sunshine, Days Out and Outfit Ideas

Hello Lovelies,

For all of us here in the U.K. it is a Bank Holiday weekend, and as we all know the weather on our long weekends is usually pretty sucky. But not this bank holiday…. it has been glorious sunshine since Saturday morning and myself and my hubby have certainly been making the most of it.

Saturday, I spent the day with my Mum and her lovely friend Debbie in my home town of Hereford. It was the River Carnival and it was so lovely to see Hereford so busy.

Here are some photos I took of some of the very creative rafts..

Saturday morning was a little chilly and I knew we would be spending the evening at a family friends house (while I was sat in beer gardens by the river in the sun, my hubby was helping a friend put windows into their new house they are building and they cooked dinner to say thank you).

I chose to wear my old faithful blue and white stripy dress from Seasalt with my Dr Marten sandals, a denim jacket and red belt both from Primark and my lovely heart bag from Not On The Highstreet. As the day went on I did ditch the denim jacket as I felt warm, but I was pleased to have it as it cooled off in the evening.

I had my hair coloured last Wednesday and I am just getting used to having darker, warmer tones in my hair after being blonde for a while. I have to say I’m loving it and a massive thank you to Hair by Escape on Church Street in Hereford for doing a wonderful job. Here is a close up photo of my hair and make up from Saturday.

Sunday, my hubby went out on a 70 mile bike ride (I’d rather him than me) so I spent the day at home catching up on washing and reading Harry Potter A History of Magic in the garden.

It also meant I had a little bit longer to play with my hair and to try something new. Once Ed got home, we went for a little drive and spent some time outdoors. I just chucked on a summer dress from Warehouse with my New Look espadrilles and a Primark belt.

I actually managed to do a half up, half down hair do with a little bun which I’m quite pleased with. I don’t have a lot of hair and what I do have is quite fine so I used a mini doughnut to achieve this look.

Today, Monday, was a scorcher and we went on a little day trip to Bath. I absolutely love Bath, the last time we were there was for the Christmas market and it snowed so today was a bit different with a lot more time spent outside.

Here are some little photos from a wanders which took us to the Royal Crescent and to some beautiful parks.

Today’s outfit was something cool and comfy for walking. My spotty skirt is from FatFace and is a lovely light cotton and comes to just below the knee, perfect for the warmer weather. My top is a body from Gap, I love the fact that it is poppered and so doesn’t come untucked from the skirt when walking around. I teamed this look with my Vans (perfect for walking) and my lovely heart bag again. This outfit was perfect was a really hot day.

I really have had a lovely weekend with family and friends and I have especially loved the sunshine.

Tonight I plan on sitting in the cool and watching Harry Potter after spending most of the day walking in the sunshine.

What have you all been up to? What is your favourite outfit?

Thank you for reading.




Spring Shopping

Hello Lovelies.

We are now well into March and that means that spring should be on its way pretty soon, although I’m not sure winter is quite ready to leave is just yet (I mean, snow again, really).

I have to say that I am really ready for spring and summer now. I have had enough of layers, coats and boots and I can’t wait to give myself a pedicure and slip on some sandals. For now though, I am having to make do by looking at all the lovely spring goodies in the shops.

At the beginning of the month when we last had snow and I was stuck indoors I had a big spring clean of my clothes and put a lot of them up for sale.

Today I have been on a short but sweet shopping trip with my lovely friend Janine to fill the gaps with some lovely bits for spring and summer this year.

One thing that you should know about me (and about Janine) is that we are bargain hunters. I am happy to pay full price for something that I really love, but if I can find something that I really love in the sale, even better.

Here is my little pile of goodies from today…

I really am a sucker for a bright colour any time of year, but as all the beautiful spring flowers start to pop up it makes me want to wear colour even more.

So here are today’s purchases:

First up was the Matalan Clearance shop in Newport. This is my favourite shop for bargain hunting as you can pick up lots of lovely bits and bobs for a really reasonable price (Janine got 4 pairs of shoes today for £14). From there I picked up these bits…

This pretty little denim dress will be perfect for both spring and summer and will look lovely with sandals or little pumps. For cooler days you could pop on a pair of leggings and a bright colour cardigan. This was reduced from £25 to £14 and I think it is well worth that. I can’t wait to wear this. I got this is a size 14.

This little grey dress was reduced from £14 to £9 and I got this in a size M. I am planning on wearing this with lots of bright colours and I have the perfect yellow statement necklace to go with this. You could even replace the tie belt with a thick bright belt of your own. I love little plain dresses and I need to replenish my plain dresses since losing weight so was happy to find this.

This little skirt was the cheapest item at £3.50 reduced from £12. I think this will look lovely with a coloured body or with a denim skirt tucked in. This will be great to wear dressed up for cocktails with heels and tights or dresses down with vans. I do love a versatile wardrobe staple and this is one of those.

Finally, these striped trousers. These were £7 reduced from £14. Someone in the shop saw me trying these on and they were full of compliments and even went to look for some herself which I will take as a good sign. I plan on wearing these with a plain top tucked in and some sandals.

Next up was New Look. I only got one thing from here which is this little red dress from the Blue Vanilla range. This was reduced from £20 to £7 and I could even get away with wearing this now with tights and boots. I love the floral pattern of this and the material is so soft.

We then went to outfit where I got a lovely Warehouse dress for £10 from £39. I already have a dress in this style that I wore for a friend’s wedding last summer. I got this one in a smaller size so that it will last me after I reach target.

I also got this lovely little ring from Topshop which was reduced to £2. I love this and it fits lovely on my middle or index finger.

Finally from today’s shop was this green and white striped t-shirt from H&M. This was not in the sale but was only £3.99 anyway. I love stripy tops and I don’t yet have a green so I’m excited to wear this with a denim pinafore or tucked into a denim skirt. I love the H&M basics – t-shirts, jersey dresses and cardigans especially – and I’ll be keeping an eye out for some other unusual colours.

I’m also going to share a couple of bits I picked up while at Gloucester Quays with my husband on Saturday. They had an awesome deal in White Stuff where you could get 3 items for £30. My hubby got himself a lovely dressing gown and I picked up a reversible cardigan and a beautiful thick yellow scarf. I actually wore the scarf today as it was so cold and it kept me nice and warm.

I am so pleased with my little haul, especially as it was all purchased with money from my spring clean.

What was your favourite item?

Let me know if you would like to see a try on haul.

Thank you for reading and watch this space for money spring and summer goodness.



My January Must Haves

Goodbye January and Hellooooo February.

I don’t know about you, but I am very much looking forward to seeing the first glimpses of spring and to the start of some lighter evenings.

As we are saying goodbye to January, I thought that I would share the things that I would not have got through January without…

Hats, Scarves and Gloves – my oh my, hasn’t January been cold. I’m not sure that I could have coped with the cold dark nights stood on the train platform without my trust bobble hat, tartan scarf and gloves. My hat was £3 and my gloves £1 and were both from Primark. My scarf was a splurge last year from Topshop and has been my trusty companion for the whole of this winter (the picture below is stolen from google but is the exact scarf – although mine is looking very loved). It cost £18 but has been worth every penny and is lovely and warm. Do you have any tips for staying warm while outside in the cold weather?

Topshop Tartan Scarf

Sunbites Sweet & Salty Popcorn – My new favourite snack. I used to hate sweet and salty popcorn but my tastes have changed and now I LOVE it. It is also not too bad on slimming world at only 2.5 syns for one of the small multi pack bags, and is perfect for a snack to throw in your bag or for eating while snuggled up watching a film. They also do a sweet caramel which is just as nice. I have really been loving popcorn this January and I don’t think this will change for a while.


Cards Against Humanity – we have spent a couple of nights this January with friends playing this game. My hubby brought this just after Christmas following a recommendation and it really does live up to its reputation. Hearing my future brother in law laugh while playing was worth every penny. I would recommend this to any of you who have a dark sense of humor and are up for a laugh. We found that this was out of stock in lots of places, but we managed to get it direct from Cards Against Humanity and he also got the geek expansion pack. You can buy the game here:

Warmies – another something to love in the cold weather. I have a dinosaur and an owl and these are my saving grace for cold nights. Especially when your husband likes a colder bedroom. I take both to bed and have one by my feet and one by my belly in bed at night. I also have one at work that I use when it gets cold in the office (which is a lot since we work in a very old building). As much as I love these, part of me can’t wait to put them away until next winter.


Soap & Glory Hand Dream Hand Cream – it does what it says on the tin (or squeezy bottle). I love hand cream all year round but this one is particularly hydrating for dry hands over the winter and it smells pretty good too. I am a bit lover of the Soap and Glory products but especially the hand creams and body scrubs. I keep a hand cream by the side of the bed, by the side of sofa and a small one in my handbag.

hand cream

The Greatest Showman Soundtrack – for those of you who have not yet seen The Greatest Showman I would highly recommend that you do. For those of you that have, how much do you love it? I enjoyed every single moment of that film – the characters, the story and the MUSIC. I’m pretty sure my hubby was fed up of me going on and on about how wonderful it was and about how much I loved it, but he’s a good egg and put up with it. As soon as we got home from the cinema I was on iTunes downloading the album and it is pretty much all I have listened to since. I am a big fan of musicals, but this has got to be one of my new favourites.

You can buy the soundtrack here:

and you can pre-order the DVD here:

For those of you who are unsure about watching this…. DO IT!

Too Faced Chocolate Bar – I am LOVING this eye shadow palette. This was a Christmas gift and is so versatile. In fact I love it so much that I have also purchased the Too Faced Chocolate Chip palette, which is a mini version of the chocolate bar, for when I am travelling. I love all of the colours and you can make lots of different looks for both day and night with this palette. I didn’t think I would ever love eye shadows as much as I love my Urban Decay palettes but this one is just as good.


And finally…

Fruity Tea Bags – a little bit of a boring one. But I have swapped my normal tea for fruit again this January. I am actually loving drinking these teas now instead of normal tea. I am not a big tea drinker anyway and these are making me feel like I am being healthier and making better choices. I would be interested to know what your favourite fruit and herbal teas are.

And so folks… there you have it. My January Must Haves.

What have you not been able to live without this January? Please let me know in the comments.

Thanks for reading.



I heart my Dr Marten’s 

I got my first pair of Dr Marten’s for my 15th Birthday. I was going through a bit of an alternative phase and was despatate for some black boots to wear with my stripy tights and tartan mini skirts. Luckily my Mum and Dad gave in and got me a pair and I’m pleased to say they are still going strong almost 15 years later. 

Here is a picture of my original babies… 

I still love to pop these on with some black tights and a little dress and they are so comfy still. 

I’m sad to say it took me 13 years to get another pair and once again these for courtesy of Mum and Dad, only this time they were a Christmas present. I went for the black Polley t-bar shoes and I have worn these over, and over again and I think it was these that re-ignited a true love of DM’s that a teenager can’t possibly fund. I love to wear these with skinny jeans or with a dress in summer and winter. I love that they have an almost school shoe look to them (and oh how I would have loved shoes like this when I was at school). 

Since then my collection has grown. As a teenager I was despatate for a pair of Mary Janes however I never actually got a pair. Last summer while shopping in Cardiff we noticed that there was a DM sale on and I managed to get myself these bad boys… 

And for my birthday last year I got these… 

This was a decision that I made following years of buying cheap boots that only lasted around a month. I saw these in the shop and decided I would quite like a pair for my birthday to wear during autumn and winter. Best decision EVER! They not only lasted me a whole Autumn and winter but they also have a lot of wear left in them. Despite the way they look they are surprisingly light and soooo comfortable – I even wore them whilst walking around Rome and found them to be more comfortable than my trainers. I love these and would buy more pairs. 

For Christmas last year my hubby got me these…

I love these. Whenever I wear them I get compliments and I CANNOT stop staring at my feet when I wear them! I’m sure Ed is fed up of my gushing compliments of these shoes whenever I wear them. These are perfect with tights and dresses or with jeans. I especially love to team them with stripes! Who doesn’t love floral shoes? 

This brings me to my final pair… I got these yesterday after months of eyeing them up… I’m sure I popped into the store at least 20 times to stare at them and stroke them and added them to my online basket more than once! Reduced to £65 (from £95) I had an absolute bargain and I can’t wait to break these bad boys in and start wearing them! 

These are the bubblegum pink Polley t-bars from the pastel range and I am in LOVE. 

I’m pretty sure these will become a staple in my summer wardrobe and I’m already planning outfits to wear with them… I may even wear them to work tomorrow! 

My advice to you about Dr Marten’s

Although they look beautiful they WILL rub! Always arm yourself with plasters, spare socks etc. Once you have broken them in they will fit like a dream and be the comfiest shoes you have ever owned. Persevere… it makes me sad when people give up after one wear! 

If you are passing a shop pop in to have a look what they have in store… You may just find yourself leaving with something lovely! 

Summer Holiday Wardrobe 

I have just come back from a week in sunny Turkey.

We stayed at a beatiful hotel in the resort of Side. The weather was beautiful, albeit very hot both during the day and in the evenings, and so I thought I would share my evening looks for the week. 

Look one:

For our first night I decided to wear something that covered my very white legs. I absolutely loved this outfit, it was both comfy and cool for the hot weather. The skirt and top were both from Primark and were a steal at £8 and £3 each and they are both a size 20. The necklace is from last years Accessorize sale, the belt is from Primark and was around £2 and I wore this with my blue sandals from M&S (although the skirt covered these). 

Look two: 

This dress is one of my favourites at the moment. This dress is from House of Holland by Henry Holland at Debenhams and is a lovely quirky bee print. I love the elbow length sleeves and the cut out at the neck. This was around £27 but it is well worth it as the material is very good quality and the overall effect is quite flattering. I got this in a size 18 and it fits perfectly. I teamed this with my silver shoes from Clarks – these are my new shoes for this summer and they are my absolute favourites, I got these in the sale for £30 and are going to be a staple in my summer wardrobe this year. 

Look three: 

On day three we went into Antique Side and unfortunate my legs were used as a buffet for insects hence this outfit. These are Capri style jeans from Dorothy Perkins and I really love them, they are both comfy and flattering and have been worn a lot since I got them around a month ago. These are a size 20 and they cost £20. I am wearing these with a top that I got from eBay which is from the H&M plus size range in a size 22. I picked this up for £7 posted and it was new with tags (the price on the tag was £19.99). Again I wore this with my Clarks shoes and my necklace from Accessorizes. When I go abroad I tend to only take a limited amount of jewellery and shoes to fit all of my outfits. 

Look four: 

This dress is from Dorothy Perkins and is a size 20. This was £20 and did come with a tie waist belt however I decided to pop on my brown belt with this on this occasion. I love the thick straps and vintage floral print on this dress and think it is quite flattering. My necklace is from Primark and was £2 and my shoes are M&S from last summer and were £7. 

Look five: 

This outfit has been one of my favourites this year – especially the skirt which has had a lot of wear. The top is from TU at Sainsburys and is a size 22 however I got this second hand from Depop. The skirt was in the sale on New Look and is a size 22, this was reduced to £7 and I love it. It can be both dressed up and down – I love this with black tights and ankle boots. Shoes, necklace and belt as before. 

Look 6: 

This outfit is once again from Primark. Both the top and dress were from Primark this spring and they were £8 and £3. This is another outfit that I love to team with tights and Dr Marten’s and it is good for spring, summer and will also be good for Autumn. These are both in a size 20. Shoes are as before from Clarks. 

And there you have it… 6 plus size summer evening looks.

I hope these can give you some inspiration for you holiday wardrobes. I will certainly be wearing all of these again 🙂