Harry Potter Tea Towel Bag – How To. 

I received a set of Harry Potter tea towels as a gift and my little brain starting whirling… there was no way that I could even contemplate using those bad boys to wipe dishes and so I hatched a plan and turned these: 

Into this: 

Now I shared this on a couple of the craft sites I’m a part of on Facebook and a few people asked me for a tutorial on how to make these. I have NEVER done a tutorial before but I thought why not and so here it goes. 

You will need: 


  • 1 Harry Potter Tea Towel (or any other fabric of your choice for the outside of the bag) 
  • Lining fabric – the size of this will depend on how big you want your bag. I brought half a meter of black fabric and also used this for the shoulder strap. 
  • Zip – again dependant on size required although I used a 12 inch zip. 
  • Heavy weight interfacing. 
  • Cotton to match – I used black. 
  • Lobster Swivel Clasps (I used 3) 


  • Sewing machine 
  • Fabric scissors 
  • Ruler 
  • Pins 

To start: 

Cut your bag pieces. You will need 2 of the outer fabric, 2 of the lining and 2 of the interfacing. I cut mine 12 inches wide (the same length as my zip) by 10 inches tall. To give the shape to the bottom I cut out a 1 inch square out of the bottom corners of each fabric piece. 

You should be left with 6 pieces like this (excuse the awful drawing). 

If you wanted to make your bag straight without the shape to the bottom them you still cut out the fabric pieces in the size you want but you miss out the squares in the bottom corners. 

You will also need to cut 2 small pieces around 2 inches by an inch out of your outer material which are for your straps and I cut out a piece out of the outer fabric around 50cm x 1 inch for the hand strap. 

The across body / shoulder strap should be cut to your desired length and about 1 inch wide.

First you will need to sew your zip to your fabrics. To do this place your interfacing under your lining fabric (with the wrong side of the lining fabric facing the interfacing and then place the zip on top. ​​

You the need to place your outside fabric on top of the zip with the right side of the fabric facing the zip and pin along the edge and sew. 

Repeat this for the other side of the zip. 

Once you have sewn all of your fabric to your zips you should sew your small pieces of outer fabric that are for your straps. You should fold the 2 outside edges so that they meet in the middle and then fold the fabric in half so that the two raw edges are inside. You should then sew along the open edge to create the tabs for your straps – these will look like this when it’s finished: 

Your across body strap and wrist strap should be sewn in the same way as these and can be done at this stage. 

Now to sew your bag together you should open your zip and the place your pieces together with right sides together and pin. While pinning you should put your two tab pieces between the two outer pieces in a loop and pin. When pinned it should look like this: 

You should sew along the edges as shown in the image above by the arrows leaving a 3 inch gap at the bottom of the lining fabric for turning. If you have not left the squares at the bottom you can sew all of the sides together just leaving the gap.

Once you have done this you will need to sew your bottom corners. You should do this on both the lining/interfacing and the outside fabric. You do this by pulling the side and bottom seam together so that the seams match and then sewing closed – for extra reinforcement you can sew along this line twice. 

I’ve stolen an image from google images that sort of shows this: 

One you have done this you can turn the bag and sew the gap closed. 

All that is left to do now is to sew your lobster clasp to your straps. You do this by putting the end of your strap through the hole on your lobster clasp and sewing the two pieces together. I used a zigzag stitch and made sure that this went over the raw edge to prevent fraying. I also went over this a couple of times for reinforcement. 

Your bag should now be finished 🙂 

I’m not used to writing tutorials like this so if anything doesn’t make sense please ask 🙂 



Well… as promised I am giving you an update on my first attempt at quilting. 

Firstly I decided to make a small car seat sized quilt – my idea was start small to see if I can do it and the answer was I can! Yay for me! I made the first one using dinosaur print fabrics which I brought as a fat quarter set from Hobbycraft. This was the ideal starter as I got a mix of 6 fabrics for £7; perfect for a play about. I backed it in a navy fleece so it will be warm and cosy for little ones on journeys. 

Here is said little dinosaur quilt:  

I am now working on another quilt; this one is for a gift. For this one I brought 4 metres of different cotton fabrics from my local haberdashery. This is more of a space theme and I am in love with some of these fabrics. Quilt numero two will be slightly bigger; more cot sized, but will once again be backed with a fleece for warmth. I think for this I will go for a grey fleece but comments are welcome (I intend on buying this tomorrow). 

Here is a sneaky peak of my space themed quilt:   

I am loving making these and am hoping to make lots more. I may even try making a “memory” quilt out of old clothing.

Watch this space… 


Fabric, Glorious Fabric! 

In my home town of Hereford there is an adorable little fabric shop called Doughty’s and they have now opened a warehouse full of lots of amazing fabrics. Last Thursday lunchtime I went on a little jolly with a friend to the warehouse and I got myself some pretties. 

I am usually a floral or woodland themed fabric sort of girl. I am a sucker for foxes, dainty prints and anything that looks slightly vintage. On Thursday I went for something a little different.

One of my lovely friends is having a baby and so I thought I would try something a little different and make a quilt for the new arrival. With this in mind I got these fabrics…   

It was love at first sight with the rocket ship material and I can think of a million things I could make out of it and it wasn’t long before I had chosen the other 3 materials to go with it. I love the grey, green and yellow together and I thought the alien material also went perfectly with the theme. 

I have to say I am so happy with these I may just have to make myself a little something with them. 

I’ve not yet started the quilt but I promise to post pictures as I go along – I need to do a little bit of research before I start. I have pre-washed my cottons however. 

I did however buy something girly whilst I was there and this was a real impulse buy. 

I am a sucker for anything mermaid (I am a huge Disney Little Mermaid fan) and I love all things seaside and nautical so I just HAD to get myself some of this.  

I think it looks like mermaid scales and I’m still deciding what I can make myself with this. Something nautical I’m sure. 

For those of you who are interested here is the online store for Doughty’s http://www.doughtysonline.co.uk

Aaaaand if anyone would like to take a look at some of the other things I have made then you can pop over to my page http://www.facebook.com/tonkstreasure 

I promise to keep you all updated with the progress of my quilt 🙂 in