Summer, bumblebees and flowers 

Well I’m sure you all love summer, I know I do! In an ideal world it’s full of sunshine; a time to wear sunglasses and sandals, to get your toes out and to eat an excessive amount of icecreams. 

In UK real life however it can mean humidity, stormy days and terrible hair. 

I LOVE to make the most of the days that are like the first example. And I eat ice lollies regardless of the weather – I mean it’s still warm, right? And what I do love about any summer day is the colour. Summer is a time for bright, beautiful colours. The grass seems greener, there are beautiful flowers in every single colour imaginable popping up all over the place, the sky is bluer and the sun is an even brighter yellow and all of the bumble bees are out in force. 

This summer I acquired a macro lens for my iPhone camera and I am in love. The close up photos I have been able to get have me in awe; especially the photos of beautiful bees. 

Here are some of the photos I have taken over the past few weeks with the lens… let me know what you think – of the photos and of summer.