clothing clear out.. 

Well today has been a productive one… I have cleared out my wardrobe. I have been doing this periodically over the past couple of month. Finally getting rid of clothes that haven’t fitted for ages that I have been keeping for “just in case”. 

Rather than throw these clothes away I have decided to give Depop a try. This is an app which is used to sell things that you no longer want and my user name on there is Sophiaamay. 

The idea is to get rid of all the stuff that I can’t wear and to use some of the money that I make selling my unwanted clothing to buy someone else’s and therefore refreshing my wardbrobe. 

Anything that doesn’t sell I will donate to charity. 

Just a few pictures of some of the things I’m selling… 

 Some of these were once my favourites and I hope they go on to be someone else’s. 

I have to say that sorting out has actually made me feel quite good. I just hope these lovelies find a nice new home. 


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