No internet… 

I hadn’t realised how much of an everyday occurrence social media had become until I didn’t have internet. 

due to a mix up our contract with our previous internet provider came to an end and the new internet provider had not actually connected us on the day they said they would. At this point all was ok, I mean that’s what data is for, but as the hours turned into days (towards the end of the month I might add) my data was no more. 

This meant no Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google, Pinterest… the list is endless. 

What I didn’t realise was how much I had come to rely on these thing. A spare 5 minutes here, in the evenings while watching TV, when pondering where or what something is… you just click on those little icons on your mobile phone and voila. 

I felt completely lost. I found myself clicking on the Facebook app and staring at the same two updates that I looked at when I last had internet. I couldn’t update my page which meant I couldn’t contact the person I had done a custom order for. And no google for when I knew I was right (tehehe) and just had to prove it. 

However… Although it felt like someone had cut off my right hand it also made me realise that we have become reliant social media. It is almost like a bit of a drug and I have to say I have tired to be a little bit more aware of my use of this. I became much more aware when I couldn’t use it of other people sat using their phone when you should be having a conversation or lunch together. 

What I’m trying to say is… try and put your phone down and take in the world and the people around you. It can be a good thing. 


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