Because everyone needs a little happy… 

Around 6 months ago I stumbled across a group on Facebook called “Happy Mail”. Intrigued I requested to join the group and am I glad that I did.

This group is filled to the rafters with lovely, kind, generous people who aim to brighten up someone’s day. Parcels and letters of happiness fly around the country and, sometimes, the world at the hands of these fabulous people. 

Not only are there lovely group members but there are also a great team of admins lead by the lovely Danielle. Never before have I come across a person so dedicated to making other people feel happy and who always ensures that there is no funny business. 

On being accepted to the group I joined my first swap via Elfster (a very clever little website). Once I was paired I felt a flood of anxiety; what if my lady didn’t like what I’d chosen, did I need to buy from her wish list, had I spent too little… The answer to all these questions is that you can’t get it wrong. 

I sent some loveliness to a lady who has since tagged me several times in the posts on this page to say how much she loved the scarf I had sent. And this made me smile; I had made her happy by sending pretties and she made me happy by saying that she liked it. 

I’m sad to say I missed the Secret Santa’s but I have signed myself up to the worldwide snail mail postcard swap. And it is this that has made me want to share it with you. 

How simple it is to pop into a shop and buy a few postcards to send to a stranger. I chose things that I liked and that made me smile in the hope that they would do the same to my recipient. 

What I am really trying to get across is that in a world full of negativity I feel blessed to have found somewhere full of positivity, kindness and HAPPY! 

I think Danielle deserves a star, a medal and a rather big pat on the back for orchestrating THE best group on Facebook ever. 

These lovely packets of happiness probably make the difference to some people’s day and I think that is the best. 

Here are sneaky pictures of the postcards I have sent…    


The world needs more of things like this and I for one am happy that I am apart of it… now to send some random acts of kindness or RAOK… YAY TO HAPPY MAIL. 


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