Let’s Sew

Last January I taught myself to sew which has sparked a very great love! After having a sewing break over Christmas I have really struggled to get myself back into it… until today!

And it felt great to get the machine back out and to see bits of fabric come together. 

First off I made some bunting, marvel bunting to be precise. I was a little bit concerned about how it would turn out because the material had quite a big pattern but I’m really pleased with how it turned out.   

The second thing I made was some cushions for myself… I purchased some Laura Ashley material 12 months ago but was too scared to use it because it was rather expensive. But today I made myself some lovely cushion covers. I got the inserts from IKEA and they were £4 each for 20×20 inch feather inserts which I thought was a brilliant price and they are very good quality. Here is a picture of them on my sofa…  

 I now just need to decide if they are going to live on the sofa or if they are more suited to the spare bedroom. 

The rest of my Sunday has been rather chilled. Ever since we have started doing out weekly shop online our Sunday’s have been a home day and I love it. I have had a rather crafty Sunday; sewing and also knitting squares for a baby blanket for one of my friends who is pregnant.  

All in all I’ve had a lovely weekend, lots of relaxing following last weekend in Rome. I hope you’re all having lovely weekends too. Let me know what you’ve been up to in the comments. 


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