Wintery Goodness

Today has been one of those very beautiful, freezing cold winter days. The sort of day that one would hope for around Christmas time and always makes me want to drink hot chocolate and snuggle under a blanket with cheesy films. 

One thing I could help but notice was how beautiful everything looks covered in frost and how magical fog can be. 

I took this photo on my way to work out of the car window (it wasn’t me driving don’t worry) …  It makes me think of two things – the first is the sea (I’m not sure why) and the second is how it looks like we were above the clouds. 

Tomorrow I intend to wrap up even warmer to to remember my gloves! My fingers were not happy as I rushed around town in my lunch hour and they braved the elements while the rest of me was wrapped up warm and toasty. I’m sure they have forgiven me now though; especially as they are allowing me to type this – albeit from my comfy and warm sofa. 

I hope you are all marvelling in the beautiful wintery scenes (even if they have come a little bit late). 


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