Hello. Welcome. Hi.

A little bit about myself… I am Sophie, I am 29 and I love Disney, Sewing and pretty things!

I decided in December that 2016 (the year I turn 30) would be the year that I made changes to myself and that sparked the need to start a blog and so here I am in all my unedited glory.

Not wanting to scare anyone off at this point I won’t go too heavy in this post but I am hoping to use this as a sort of diary, a place to log all the good, bad and interesting things that happen to me and also to share the loveliness of life. I am a happy soul really.

So… things you may seen on my sparkly new blog – things that I have made, things that I have found, things that make me happy and overall an update on the last year (OK, 9 months) of my 20’s including some positive changes along the way (I hope).

I hope this hasn’t put you to sleep which is the last thing I wanted to do… I just wanted to introduce my funny, not so little, self.

And so… with that short but sweet introduction… Toodle Pip


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