Let’s Sew

Last January I taught myself to sew which has sparked a very great love! After having a sewing break over Christmas I have really struggled to get myself back into it… until today!

And it felt great to get the machine back out and to see bits of fabric come together. 

First off I made some bunting, marvel bunting to be precise. I was a little bit concerned about how it would turn out because the material had quite a big pattern but I’m really pleased with how it turned out.   

The second thing I made was some cushions for myself… I purchased some Laura Ashley material 12 months ago but was too scared to use it because it was rather expensive. But today I made myself some lovely cushion covers. I got the inserts from IKEA and they were £4 each for 20×20 inch feather inserts which I thought was a brilliant price and they are very good quality. Here is a picture of them on my sofa…  

 I now just need to decide if they are going to live on the sofa or if they are more suited to the spare bedroom. 

The rest of my Sunday has been rather chilled. Ever since we have started doing out weekly shop online our Sunday’s have been a home day and I love it. I have had a rather crafty Sunday; sewing and also knitting squares for a baby blanket for one of my friends who is pregnant.  

All in all I’ve had a lovely weekend, lots of relaxing following last weekend in Rome. I hope you’re all having lovely weekends too. Let me know what you’ve been up to in the comments. 


Tis the weekend, lets be jolly. 

Ah Saturday, my one true love! What bliss it is to have no 5.45am alarm and to spend the whole morning lazing about in my PJ’s taking long showers and sitting around with rollers in my hair until lunchtime. 

Today has been the perfect Saturday. A bit of a lie in, a lovely long shower and time to do my hair and make up. I used an AMAZING eye shadow palette I got from Sephora while I was in Rome. It is one of their colourful 5 palette’s in Taupe and I have to say I’m very impressed. I’ve only recently started to get into make up and I only really use it on the weekend but I have to say that this is a new favourite. The glitter shade has real staying power and I’m still sparkling now at 7.30pm.   Also today saw a little trip to town followed by a scone at the Secret Garden, Garden Centre with Hubby’s Mum, Aunty and lovely Grandad. There were some beautiful flowers and also some lovely chickens with feathery feet.  

I went to town with the aim for buying a pinafore dress. I’ve seen a few floating about but unfortunately none in my size. I really want a denim one to wear with a stripey top and my floral Dr Marten shoes – hello Spring and Summer clothes 🙂 I have now ordered one from New Look’s Inspire range and it should be with me by the beginning of next week. If I’m happy with it I will post a photo. 

I’ve had another little sort out today and will be popping some bags and jewellery on Depop tomorrow. 

For now… home made pasta and meatballs and a film for me and hubby. It’s a good job he can cook 😉 

Happy Saturday everyone. 

When in Rome… 

I have just come back from a fabulous weekend in Rome to celebrate my darling Daddy’s 60th Birthday. 

I have fallen in love with a another amazing city and am already thinking how much I would love to go back. 

For me it was the sights, the glorious sunshine (yes we were very lucky) and the beautiful food… I have a love for pizza and pasta and eating these in their country of origin has made this love even greater! And don’t even get me started on gelato! I mean look at this icecream… 


My parents are crazy fun and so spending a long weekend with them is always going to be amazing and this one was no exception. I spent most of my time either laughing or thinking how much my feet were aching from all the walking. 

Rome is beautiful and it makes me want to explore more of Italy. Any recommendations folks? 

Let me just share some of the lovely sights that we saw… 

I really would highly recommend this beautiful city! 

In other news… I’m hoping this week will be the week I get back into my sewing. I have a few orders to get done. 

I’ve also had a clear out of my wardrobe and have sold a few bits on Depop with more for sale. My user name is sophiaamay for those of you who are interested. 

I am now back on track for my New Year goals and I’m feeling motivated. 


Wintery Goodness

Today has been one of those very beautiful, freezing cold winter days. The sort of day that one would hope for around Christmas time and always makes me want to drink hot chocolate and snuggle under a blanket with cheesy films. 

One thing I could help but notice was how beautiful everything looks covered in frost and how magical fog can be. 

I took this photo on my way to work out of the car window (it wasn’t me driving don’t worry) …  It makes me think of two things – the first is the sea (I’m not sure why) and the second is how it looks like we were above the clouds. 

Tomorrow I intend to wrap up even warmer to to remember my gloves! My fingers were not happy as I rushed around town in my lunch hour and they braved the elements while the rest of me was wrapped up warm and toasty. I’m sure they have forgiven me now though; especially as they are allowing me to type this – albeit from my comfy and warm sofa. 

I hope you are all marvelling in the beautiful wintery scenes (even if they have come a little bit late). 

Hello. Welcome. Hi.

A little bit about myself… I am Sophie, I am 29 and I love Disney, Sewing and pretty things!

I decided in December that 2016 (the year I turn 30) would be the year that I made changes to myself and that sparked the need to start a blog and so here I am in all my unedited glory.

Not wanting to scare anyone off at this point I won’t go too heavy in this post but I am hoping to use this as a sort of diary, a place to log all the good, bad and interesting things that happen to me and also to share the loveliness of life. I am a happy soul really.

So… things you may seen on my sparkly new blog – things that I have made, things that I have found, things that make me happy and overall an update on the last year (OK, 9 months) of my 20’s including some positive changes along the way (I hope).

I hope this hasn’t put you to sleep which is the last thing I wanted to do… I just wanted to introduce my funny, not so little, self.

And so… with that short but sweet introduction… Toodle Pip